While the underlying data used to create signals can be very different (audited financials vs news articles vs images of parking lots), the signals themselves all come in the same basic format - a list of stock tickers each with an associated numerical value:

The list of stock tickers in your submission are defined by the Numerai Signals stock market universe. It covers roughly the top 5000 largest stocks in the world and it is updated every day. In general, only a couple low volume stocks will move in or out on a given day.

You can see the latest universe by downloading the live.parquet file.

When you submit a signal, you must include at least two columns:

  • A cusip, sedol, bloomberg_ticker, composite_figi, or numerai_ticker column - values must be valid tickers associated with the ticker type in the header.

  • A signal column - values must be between 0 and 1 (exclusive).

Additionally, for a live submission to be valid:

  • There must be at least 100 tickers from our universe with valid values (0 to 1).

  • A ticker cannot appear in the current live time period more than once.

Please refer to the Numerai Tournament Submissions docs to understand the basics of how and when submission windows take place.

You can automate your submission workflow by using the API. Here is an example of how to make a submission once you've generated a CSV with your predictions:

from numerapi import SignalsAPI

# Authenticate
sapi = SignalsAPI("[your api public id]", "[your api secret key]")
sapi.upload_predictions("[path to your submission].csv")

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