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When you are ready and confident in your model's performance, you may stake it with NMR - Numerai's cryptocurrency.
After the 20 days of scoring for each submission, models with positive scores are rewarded with more NMR, while those with negative scores have a portion of their staked NMR burned.
Behind the scenes, Numerai combines the predictions of all staked models into the stake-weighted Meta Model, which in turn is fed into the Numerai Hedge Fund for trading.
Staking serves two important functions:
  1. 1.
    "Skin in the game" allows Numerai to trust the quality of staked predictions.
  2. 2.
    Payouts and burns continuously improve the weights of the Meta Model.

How to stake on your model

Head over to, and click on the "manage stake" button to open the stake modal.
Use the Stake form to stake NMR from your wallet on your model.
Staked NMR will remain locked until you release it back to your wallet, which takes 1 month. Specifically, the NMR will be released at the resolution of your last active round at the time of the request. While pending release, the unstaked amount may still be subject to burns but will not count towards upcoming payouts.
You can optionally configure where your earnings go and the score multipliers used to compute your payouts.
Starting Jan 2, 2024 we will no longer allow you to choose multipliers. Instead multipliers will be fixed at 0.5xCORR and 2x MMC.


Your payout is a primarily a function of your scores. If you have a positive score you will get a payout. If you have a negative score a portion of your stake will burn.
The maximum payout or burn per round is capped at ±5%
payout = stake * clip(payout_factor * (corr * corr_mult + tc * tc_mult), -0.05, 0.05)
Rounds starting on or after Jan 2, 2024 will use the following formula:
payout = stake * clip(payout_factor * (corr * 0.5 + mmc * 2), -0.05, 0.05)
stake is your model's stake value at the close of the round. This is also referred to as the stake value at-risk for a round. Your stake value at-risk for a round does not include any unstaked amounts that are pending release, and is set to 0 if you have no valid submission for a round.
payout_factor is a dynamic value that scales inversely with total NMR staked based on the staking_threshold.
payout_factor = min(1, stake_threshold / total_at_risk)
Stake Threshold
corr_mult and tc_mult are configured by you to control your exposure to each score. Here are your options.
corr multiplier options
tc multiplier options
0x, 0.5x, 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x
0.0x, 0.5x, 1.0x
NOTE: Starting Jan 2, 2024 you will no longer have multiplier options. When you stake, your multipliers will be set to 0.5xCORR and 2x MMC.


Numeraire (NMR) is the cryptocurrency that powers staking and payouts on Numerai.
To stake NMR on your model you must first deposit NMR into your Numerai wallet at your account's unique deposit address.
We recommend two places for buying and selling NMR
  • Coinbase - a safe and easy place to buy NMR with USD, GBP, EUR or Bitcoin. A good place to start if you are new to crypto. Availability depends on your region.
  • Uniswap - a decentralized exchange you can use to swap Ethereum based tokens like ETH or USDC for NMR. Requires you to bring your own wallet like MetaMask. Great for DeFi enthusiasts.

Tax Reporting

We usually release tax reports for the previous year in mid-January. You can find these by hovering over the account icon in the top right > click "Settings" > "TAXES & REPORTS" section.