Numerai Compute


Compute is a framework to help you automate your weekly submission workflow with your own infrastructure.

Use the numerai-cli to provision your infrastructure, and deploy your pre-trained model as a server that listens for new tournament data, runs your model and uploads the predictions back to Numerai.

Quick start

pip3 install numerai-cli
mkdir example-numerai
cd example-numerai
# set up your compute node in AWS
numerai setup
# copy a python example model
numerai docker copy-example
# build the docker container and deploys it to AWS
numerai docker deploy
# trigger your compute node in AWS
numerai compute test-webhook
# watch the logs of the running compute node from AWS
numerai compute logs -f


Once you've added your webhook url to your account settings, Numerai will execute your webhook on Saturday at 19:00 UTC (an hour after the round starts). If we haven't successfully received your submission by Sunday 2:00 UTC, we will email you a warning that it looks like your compute job has failed. If it failed, we will try to trigger your compute webhook again on Sunday 19:00 UTC and if it fails again, we will send out a final email on Monday 2:00 UTC.


Follow our step by step tutorial or watch the video on YouTube.

Ask for help in the compute rocketchat channel.