Numerai Compute

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Numerai Compute is our term for automating the calculation and submission of users' predictions. In the classical tournament, users would wait for a round open and then manually submit their results during the submission window. Now, with Compute, when a tournament begins Numerai will reach out to your compute node (using an HTTP/S webhook) and trigger your code to run its model and produce predictions.

To facilitate this, we've made a CLI tool that automatically sets this up for you in AWS (Amazon's Cloud).

numerai-cli compute architecture

Getting started

It's as simple as:

pip3 install numerai-cli
mkdir example-numerai
cd example-numerai
# set up your compute node in AWS
numerai setup
# copy a python example model
numerai docker copy-example
# build the docker container and deploys it to AWS
numerai docker deploy
# trigger your compute node in AWS
numerai compute test-webhook
# watch the logs of the running compute node from AWS
numerai compute logs -f

See the GitHub project​ for more information.

See the Compute tutorial.