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Want to start participating in the hardest data science competition in the world? We're in the process of creating new user videos and more tutorials for a range of data science experience levels. Until then, get started with the resources below.

Numerai notebook at
A comprehensive guide to competing in Numerai, including website feature overview, by tit_btcqash
A comprehensive guide to competing at Numerai
Walkthrough of basic tables, graphs and visualizations a new participant may want to investigate, by OmniAnalytics
Performing Exploratory Data Analysis on Numerai Tournament Data with R
Numerai Forum
Easy guide with Google Colab by community member SurajP
A guide to “The hardest data science tournament on the planet”
Tutorial with Kaggle Kernel by community member perfect_fit
How to get Started With Numerai
Kaggle notebook for fitting MLP to Numerai tournament data by Katsu1110
Video walkthrough series by Arbitrage

GitHub - numerai/example-scripts: The official example scripts for the Numerai Data Science Tournament
Tools, Libraries, Dashboards
Numerai Tournament
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