Numerai Tournament

Compute Tutorial

This tutorial helps you update Compute to CLI version 0.3.0
IMPORTANT! After you’ve installed the latest version of numerai-cli, use the --help flag at any time if you aren’t sure what to do.
[00:30] Open your command prompt and type pip install --upgrade numerai-cli then hit ENTER
[01:09] Review the available options for CPU cores and RAM by typing numerai list-constantsthen hit ENTER
[02:00] You must upgrade from within the directory of your previous compute installation. Some people used ‘example-numerai’ so you’ll need to direct your command prompt to that directory. In this case, my compute was installed in C:\Users\Jon\example-numerai so I type: cd C:\Users\Jon\example-numerai
[02:27] Next, type numerai upgrade and hit ENTER
[03:08] You’ll be asked if you want to continue. Type y and hit ENTER.
[07:27] After reviewing the available options for numerai node config --help we proceed by telling numerai-cli what size preset to use for our node and the path to the folder containing our model. For this example, I type numerai node config -s mem-lg -p C:\Users\Jon\ex-nomi and hit ENTER
When prompted for the model name, be sure that you identify the correct model, as the webhook will be registered to that model name.
Type your model name and hit ENTER. For this example, I typed twitch_example_nomi and hit ENTER
[08:48] Following the success message, numerai-cli recommends to us that we deploy and test the node. Test locally first. Do so by typing numerai node test -l -v and hit ENTER
[12:00] If your local test succeeds, then deploy your mode to AWS. Do so by typing numerai node deploy and hit ENTER. Type your model name and hit ENTER.
[12:50] Once your mode is deployed, do one final test by triggering the webhook. Type numerai node test -v and hit ENTER then type your model name and hit ENTER.
If your final test was successful, then you are finished! Repeat the node config step for each additional node that you wish to deploy. Enjoy your weekends!