Understanding Numerai

An FAQ and more! Well...soon! [Work-in-progress!]

This Understanding Numerai section is part of the community-created documentation, and is being developed primarily (for now) by Numerai participant wigglemuse (that's me!) It is very much a work-in-progress and will be expanded and edited often in the coming days and weeks.

Anything found here and in the (coming) sub-pages is believed to be correct, but is written by me, not the official Numerai team of which I am not a member. Although I mainly intend to just factually explain stuff, at times I may veer into what might be considered opinion or speculation on the future. So remember...this is all unofficial, I'm just a participant like you, and I have no inside knowledge about anything.

I take requests! Right now there is not much content here, but once I fill it out somewhat if there is anything that you feel is missing that you have a question about, or just anything I haven't covered that you think should be covered here, explained better, etc, please tag me or direct message on RocketChat. And if there is something you think I've got wrong, same thing -- tag me or get in touch on RC.

A note on errors: remember I am not part of the team, this is "unofficial" documentation, and I'm going to be editing it heavily and often for the time being. Therefore, while I certainly appreciate anybody pointing out errors or typos in this section, I have no ability to give out bounties for that.

-- wigglemuse

This page was last updated Feb 20, 2021


While this page forms part of Numerai's official documentation, Numerai is not involved in the development or maintenance of this page at this time.

If you need any verification or clarification of any of Numerai's rules, reach out to us at the #support channel or email support@numer.ai.